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It's noon. What I have

It's noon. What I have done, you may ask? Well, the notes got moved from my drawer to my bed. <.g> And I took lots of naps. I got up, moved around, felt like crap, got in bed, fell asleep, got up, moved around, felt like crap, got in bed, fell asleep, and so on. LOL So now I really do need to work. I think I'm going to implement a one hour rule...one hour per topic. I mean, that's all I'm using to write them tomorrow, so that's all I should use to prepare for them, right? Then I'll be done about 4 or so. Well, knowing me, closer to 5, with breaks in there. LOL

Oh, damn. <.pout> Janet just called...they don't need help at the clinic over break. <.sigh> Apparently they usually just close for the week or two around Christmas except for any therapists who want to work. But she does want me to work there over summer vacation, and maybe spring. Neither which helps me greatly...I kinda wanted to stay here this summer, you know? But if that's where I can get a job, what can I do? It's an option, I guess. And maybe there is a place I can get over the summer in LaGrange...there are colleges around, some students might want to sublet. But La Grange might be just a wee bit out of my price range. <.g> I guess we'll see what happens.

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