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My computer is finally hooked

My computer is finally hooked up!! Yay! Happy to be back. Home's been good so far...watched Titanic with Josh on Sunday and last night, was his snuggle buddy the last two nights, hung out with mom quite a bit. Tomorrow we go to her mammogram appointment, then grab the boys to see Harry Potter, and out to dinner at IHOP. Should be a fun time. : )

Huh. I had things to say, but just don't feel like typing or saying much at all. I've been having odd dreams I'd like to investigate more. One was pretty damn obvious, but the last few haven't been. We'll see what I find out.

Oooh, Kate made a site for Alicia and her nsync stories. Go check them out! In Every Dream is huge, but the vignettes are short and really well done. Not that IED isn't well done, it is...it's just easier to start with the short ones, because IED is seriously like a novel. What is it, over 140 pages so far? And not even close to done, really? LOL It's definitely worth tackling, though. So keep busy with those, my lovelies, and maybe I'll be more chatty tomorrow. : )

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