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Twelve cranial nerves 1. smell

Twelve cranial nerves
1. smell
2. vision
3. visual accomodation
4. moving eyes
5. chewing
6. moving eyes
7. taste and salivation
8. hearing and balance
9. taste and salivation
10. swallowing, breathing, digestion
11. swallowing
12. swallowing

So, that sums up most of what I know about cranial nerves. <.sigh> I'm figuring that since I know what each nerve *does, I can therefore suss out what muscles go with them (vision will be eyes, taste will be tongue, swallowing will be the palate and phaynyx and stuff) and therefore also disorders that match them. That sounds logical, right? <.sigh> I'm still gonna be studying until 1, though. I'm getting nervous again.

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