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Back at school! Yay! I'm

Back at school! Yay! I'm happy to be back. : )

I'm also happy that I talked to Lauren...she too, failed A&P, 375. But she came down early to talk to the dean and our advisor, and she found out we can still take 376. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm really excited. I can so easily fit in just one extra class next semester, I'm sure of it. Lauren's considering changing her major, though. : ( I'm really going to miss her if she does, but I think she's so brave to make the change. I really wish I could do that. But I can't take an extra year here. <.sigh> So, no. Maybe after I make the huge bucks as a private SLP, I can come back to school and major in something I want to, like English or education. I think I'd like that. : )

I got fun stuff today! I'm such an nsync nerd. I got the piano book for Celebrity, so I can teach myself how to play the songs. I'm pretty excited, actually...I don't think I'm going to have a problem learning most of them. Which is cool. <.g> I also got an nysnc memo pad, but I can't seem to find it. <.pout> Lance was all cute and draped over Justin and JC. Then, at Border's for only $3, I got a CD of their old interviews and stuff. LOL It looks fun. So, my room is all nsyncified...I got the poster, calendar, camera, barbie, piano book, and the CDs are still out. It's kinda scary. LOL I better stop buying things. <.g>

Oh, but at the store, I found a whole bunch of new nsync cards. When I was shopping for Kate's, most stores didn't have any, and all that was available was NSA-era ones. Now it's Celebrity! Wish I had an excuse to buy them. ; ) They had some cool ones...Justin and Chris for birthdays, and several blank. One was my favorite grey cloudy sky one, and then there were actually a few shots I hadn't seen before. I love reading the facts on the back, and one of them was that among the five of them, there are 9 piercings. So I started counting. LOL Justin has two, right? One in each ear. I think Joey has three in his ears, plus one in his eyebrow. That's 6. So does Chris also have three? Or are they counting JC's really old one from MMC? I think Lance is the only one that hasn't had a piercing. That we know about, anyway. <.g>

Um, thinking that's enough mindless ramble for now! LOL Time to make my bed and put up some new pictures. <.giggle>

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