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Johnny found me a few

Johnny found me a few more details on Lance's new movie...it's called Mama's Boy, about a nice guy next door, it's filming this summer, and he's the lead. Which would explain a two month tour only. It's apparently a first time writer, which I think is interesting...how exactly does one get a script to Lance? <.g>

Okay, so I'm not a fountain of knowledge or anything. LOL But it's something to keep an eye on. I only hope that he's gotten some acting lessons, and the editors don't butcher the hell out of the final product. I loved On the Line, but it's more the affectionate liking that you have for a project that a, stars someone you like and b, kinda feel bad for because it could have been better. LOL

I feel like getting some reading done for classes this week. Tomorrow, I actually have to be up to get to my 10am. LOL

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