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People find me in the

People find me in the most unusual ways. Here are some of my favorites. <.g>

JC Chasez Mennonite (For once, a topic I actually *did discuss), lesbian hermione granger ginny weasley (Hmm, wonder if they found anything good?), buffy dawn incest slash (ack! LOL), fucking in baby doll pajamas (What on earth are they looking for here? LOL), several variations on harry and hermione shippers (NOOOOOO!!!!! LOL They must have been sorely disappointed), and many requests for Zenon music. Which I don't have, sadly, but if you want to find Zoom Zoom Zoom or Protozoa, go to Disney.com and find their movie page. They have the songs there. <.g> A lot of people also seem to find me by searching for Sean Biggerstaff, which is fun. But that JC one was my first nsync hit that I saw. Amazing, with all the talking I do about them and Lance! LOL

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