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Miggie and JC

Okay, all my characters are in now. <.g> Miggie and JC have yet to meet anyone but each other, but that will come in time. LOL Meanwhile, MAN, did the two of them hit it off. LOL I think they fell in love the fastest of all my sims so far. <.g> Here are a few shots.

I really love the outfit I found for him...green shirt with a star, and washed out jeans.

JC sweet talking Miggie.

JC has fallen in love with Miggie after she flirts with him one more time. (By this point, Miggie is also in love with him.)

The big smooch.

Later, the Chasez's will get acquainted with their neighbors, hopefully. <.g> Here's looking forward to some Basez or Teerlove. LOL


Having read of your sims exploits I decided to get my own. went and bought it today!!

LOL!! Awesome!! Can't wait to hear your stories!

::smokes cigarrette::

My, are we HOT or what? LOL!

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