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Nine hours. Nine straight hours of forty loud children. I am ready to curl up into a little ball and never come out of bed. Don't get me wrong...sweet kids. Cute kids. Have stories to tell (like the boy with the father who recently had a sex change operation). Love Dominic. Need sleep more though. My God, this was a hellish day. It could have been worse, but let's face it: Mary didn't buy us any games so the kids had almost nothing to play with. I have horrendous allergies and can't breathe, talk clearly, or move without my damn sinuses weighing my head down. Got no lunch hour or even a break, so I had to graze on my lunch throughout the day...some cantelope here, a granola bar there, half a sandwich on the train home. Had to fight for hours before we got playground time...they honestly wanted us to keep the kids in all daylong or walk them to a park. HA! 40 kids, two adults, and a 6 block walk? They must want lawsuits. We'd totally lose them. It's a wild bunch. I could cry, thinking about taking them on a field trip and then to the pool tomorrow. Please, God, let it rain. Please?

Meanwhile, I'm getting almost no e-mail on l-p from YG, and I'm pissed off. Dude, I posted a story and never got it in my mailbox. And these other lists get mail, but it doesn't get delivered to me! I hate that. I signed up for pretty boys stories, and I want them, damn it.

But, sadly, here I am at 7pm going to get my pajamas on and curl up with Josh. Tomorrow is another day. I'll get things done then.

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