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waiting for jennie and too much on Dominic

Well, as the title might imply, I'm waiting to hear from my Jennie-girl. Her flight was supposed to get in about an hour ago, and then she's calling when she gets to her hotel room, so I don't have to worry that she, you know, didn't get to her hotel room. <.g> I am SO very excited to meet her!!! I think we're going to have a blast on Sunday.

Liss and I went to see Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade tonight. It was far more hysterical than I had anticipated. Why? They messed up the reels. <.g> It jumped all over the place....we were cracking up! My favorite scene is the end, where he's going through the tests to get to the Grail...Jehovah starts with an I, the path of believing, etc. I was rather confused to see it happen in the middle. <.g> So, yes. It was like seeing it for the first time....you never knew what was going to happen next. LOL

Dominic manages to confuse me daily. <.g> I don't know if I've come out and said this, but I like him. A lot. But he met this girl, and they went out for drinks on Tuesday, and he was SO adorably excited because he kissed her. Like, he was practically bouncing. And he said that she was going to his softball game last night. And she did. But when I asked him about her today, he was all, "Eh. It was okay. Yeah, she was there." And he was out until 4:30am, so obviously he was pretty much out of it this morning. <.g> But yeah. No idea what's going on with them, which is interfereing with my plans to, um, do nothing.

I'm pretty sure it's all on my part, the feelings, but the kids all try and put us together all the time. Telling me to kiss him, telling him to buy me things, asking when we're going out, when we're getting married, the whole "Dominic and Rina in a tree" bit, etc. And he eggs them on! "Yes, we're dating. We're getting married soon. SWAK - this is what I always write when I send Miss Rina a note," etc. <.g> It drives me batty, because it's funny, but damn, I want it to be true. LOL! Oh, well. <.g> And can I just say, I kinda like hearing him say "our kids." <.g> (I'm nuts. Certifiable.)

Oh, and today, we were out for recess. I had just gotten a soccer ball kicked at my head (OUCH, BTW), he laughed and asked if I was okay (NO, I just got hit in the head with a freaking soccer ball, you idiot!), and I moved to the other side of him so he could be the next to get hit. So we're on the picnic table, just kinda randomly chatting and watching the kids. The Pre-K teacher walks up and asks if I went to Northern. I explain that no, I go downstate. So she asks if we worked together last summer. Again, no, this is our first summer together. She said she was surprised, because we seem so close, and we're the perfect team....we're good together. I'm going, well, duh. <.g>

Oh, but he talks about me to his friends! LOL We were playing catch with some kids yesterday, and he asked about the party scene down at school, and I said I really just didn't know. He was blown away. I was blown away he was blown away. <.g> "Oh, come on. You've known me for over a month. Do I seem like the party scene type?" This just really confounded him. But honestly, I'm not. I enjoy parties and bars when I go out, but no one invites me out so I rarely go. I can live without it. But he was aghast and said that I should e-mail him from school, give him a date, and he'd bring the party to us. <.g> And later on, he was STILL on about that. "Not the partying type? There's a type? What makes you not the type to go out?" "Um, the fact that I don't?" "And I am the party type? What makes that?" "Well, the fact that you do?" Apparently not a good enough answer, as he had the same conversation about me with his friends last night. So. Kate, if we ever want a party, he and his friends are eager to present one. <.g>

What else happened today? One of the ladies from the main office has been in the last few days, making changes to our room. Dominic and I are both pissed about that...she keeps questioning everything we do and redoing everything. She is a nice lady, though, and I like her a lot, but it's OUR CLASSROOM, damn it. And what we do works nicely. We had $50 of petty cash left for the summer, and we planned to buy chapter books for the kids...they love to read. She took our money and bought bean bag chairs and clown noses. I'm VERY upset...we had a nice reading area already, and the kids don't NEED freaking clown noses, they need BOOKS! ARGH!!!!!! So now I have to buy the books myself, as does Dominic, and then I'll just give mine to Josh. Because they need more. <.sigh> I guess I'll go through my bookshelves and weed out my really old ones to rbing in.

Oh, but the lady from the office. So we're in the circus room, discussing placement of things (which is reminding me of the other huge problem we have with her....the jumpolene. I can feel my blood pressure rising even thinking the damn word! LOL), and we're laughing, when she just goes, "You know, you're very pretty. Did anyone every tell you that? You have a lovely smile." I was a bit thrown. LOL All I could say was something like, "Oh, um, uh, no, uh, I - huh?" <.g> Probably should have said a thank you, or something, but no, actually no one ever has said that. LOL I think she was just trying to be nice to get me less upset about the jumpolene, but it was a surprise. A nice one. <.g>

Well, the title said "too much on Dominic" and I think I've delivered. LOL Oh, one last tidbit from Dominic I learned today, before I do some more waiting for Jennie...apparently some Corona or wine and an Otis Redding CD (which is very good, BTW) is a great way to get people into bed. It works for him, and he's sure it will work for the ladies, as well. So, there you go. Use it as you will. <.g>


Don't even say no one invites you out. =oř How many times did Aarti and I ask you to come out with us? Lol. Not that we went out every week (or even close to it), but we DID get turned down a lot. But yes, if Dominic wishes to bring a party to us, by all means let him!

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