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Whooo, updated my sidebar! Got a new quote, and three new songs for you all to download. <.g> Let me know what you think of them. I was gonna add Karey, too, but I lost the link! Resend, please? : )

Work was good, but so very tiring. I'm exhausted. From sitting and binding for 7.5 hours. Which, I know, is what I said I wanted to do today. Well. Be careful of what you wish for, and all that jazz. LOL My palm is one big bruise, as are several of my fingers, and my wrist aches something fierce. And I'll probably end up doing it all over again tomorrow. <.sigh>

Oh, and JC's birthday party? With the cake and doll? Surprise party, man. LOL I'm thinking he was probably pretty surprised, all right. <.g> I have to say, I'm kinda scared to think about it, but the doll is getting my curiosity piqued. LOL

URGH! My sounds keep going away! Drives me batty. I like having sounds. Lance, with a healthy dash of Mulder, talking to me keeps me happy, and they've left me now. : ( (edit - aha! Kazaa was running a stupid ad. Lance is back. : )

Mom's been at the hospital since 11am. Po's been mostly sleeping since yesterday. Grammy's been resting in bed with him the entire time, she doesn't go home anymore.

I think I'm going to go download some Elvis songs.


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