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another brick in the road

One day of school down, 200 or so left. <.g> It went well. I love my kid, I love the teacher, I love the class. Adorable munchkins. Of course, first verse of "Why working in your hometown district is a bad idea" is well under way. Knowing people can be a Very Not Useful Thing. But I'm sure things will even out with me and my boss. I'm actually not sure if she *is having a problem with me, or if I'm just projecting. I'm still kind of upset about Friday, when we talked. The whole time, I felt like I had done something wrong, when I hadn't. And I'm sure she didn't want to seem accusing, or mean to; she's under stress with the start of the school year, too. But it's still sticking with me.

We're all allergy-ified over here. Mom's completely zonked, and Josh is trying to go to sleep but is having breathing issues. So every five minutes, it's:

Josh: (whines pitifully) Maaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
Mom: (half asleep) Rina?
Rina: (gets up and goes into Josh's room, glares in direction of father who is reading newspaper)
Josh: (slurpy noises)
Rina: Lovely.

I'm sleepy. Tomorrow's going to be horrificly hot (why NOW?!?!?), plus a full day. Heaven help me.

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