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men of october

I've been a Cubs fan my entire life, even though I grew up on the North Side of Chicago. I have always loved the Cubs. This. This is my reward. Tied for first, yo. Scores keep up in this and Houston's games, and we'll be sole first. I'd love 'em if they were dead last, but this is quite good enough for me. Go, boys!

Tomorrow, I get to multi-task. I not only get to work as an aide, I get to teach all afternoon! Teacher's going to be out for a doctor's appt, so I'm teaching even with my kidlet also there. Bless that sub's certificate! I think. LOL Going to be a challenge, juggling too jobs at once. But I can't wait!

Back to my cubbies.


Good luck with the multi-tasking :) I'll be thinking about you :)

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