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me again

I hate being sick. I can't even remember the last time I was sick. I felt kinda icky last week, but Saturday? Damn, man. I ended up calling in sick Monday and Tuesday, and went in today because it was only a half day. My kid saw me, smiled huge, and started petting my arm. "Miss ____, all better now?" Awwwww! So sweet, I thought. Then she proceeded to give me a tail with her hand and say "gobble gobble!" ::rolls eyes:: I couldn't help it, I started cracking up, which made her just gleeful. Such a cute girl! I've missed her.

Mom's internet friend from FL came in today. I picked her up at Midway. Would have been absolutely perfect timing, except I turned one light too early and drove around the neighborhood for a few blocks, getting my bearings. LOL Ooops. It was mostly successful, though. After all, I found a Liz to bring back. <.g>

I'm ready for Christmas now. (Oh, HUSH, Lady K.) Most of the stores agree with me, so I can just ogle the pretty. I signed up for the popslash secret santa on Halloween. I am SO EXCITED. Dude! Pretty boys and snow is what I get, and what's not to love there? I had the best time writing a story for my secret santa last year, and I can't wait to do it again. Also, I buy one Christmas romance novel per trip to Borders. Heeee! So dorky. But I love it, man. Love it.

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