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Fall preview

I have a job for the fall! I'll be back working with my same little girl again. I'm excited. And nervous and worried and the first night the doubts aready started creeping in. LOL But I am happy about it. I love that kid, and we work well together. It should prove to be an interesting year.

Mom and Josh intended to go to an AAC camp in Wisconsin this week, starting tomorrow, but have since changed their minds. Like, this afternoon. <.g> Oh, well. I was looking forward to a week alone (watching movies, writing stories, lounging about a great deal), but it would have been very weird without them here. It'll still be a nice week. : ) My first week of summer vacation, since summer school ended last Thursday. And! Karey's coming on Friday for our weekend. I think, anyway.

I watched Girl with a Pearl Earring. I liked the book better, but ooh. Colin Firth. Can't go wrong there.

I got my new bathing suit, since our pool is up. Cute pink tankini with a little black skirt. And the skirt? A size 8. 8! I just do not understand the sizing scale. I am in no way an 8 <.g>

I am hugely back into Sports Night. Heaven help me. LOL Now I even want to write fic for it. Me! Sorkin!fic! But I adore Dan and Casey, a thousand times over, and especially love Danny. And Josh Charles. A lot. To the point where I ordered one of his early movies from amazon. <.g> And, okay, I plan on going back to Blockbuster to pick up season 1 of Six Feet Under, Peter Krause (Casey's) new show. <.g> Previously viewed DVDs, $10 each, 4 discs. Half the price on Amazon, so yay! It's a good show.

We spent Fourth of July at this neat resort (did I share that already? It feels like I did. but I don't remember), where we saw amazing fireworks and had a lovely lovely lovely time. And I watched an episode of Six Feet Under. <.g> I can't wait until we have HDTV service, and I can watch it and Queer as Folk every week.

I'm still downtairs in the office. I'm actually settling in nicely, although it's kinda annoying. I miss my room. But I'll be quite fine down here. But it is a pain in the nexk to type and such. And beyond that, I don't know, I haven't felt like sharing a lot lately. Usually I *plan on posting and mentally write out what I want to talk about, but lately, haven't even been doing that much. Not that many people even read here (my only comments are from spammers on this one poor little entry from a few years back), so I'm really only sharing with myself, but still. Something holds me back. Then I go and write this marathon entry. Guess I'm getting over it.

And.....that's me, I guess. Nothing much else to say. I had been tired and wanting sleep during "Girl" but now it's 12:30 and I'm only moderately sleepy. I have such bizarre sleeping habits.

Oooh! Tomorrow I can watch Silent Sunday on TCM! Oh, I'm so excited. I hope I don't forget!

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