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yay! job!

I got my letter today from the district, saying I've officially been re-hired. Yay! I have a job! And it's with my same little girl, which I'm excited about.

Did I mention that I'm working with her again? I've told/typed it to so many people I forget where I've announced it. You know who would know if I'd mentioned it here? My mom! Because she found me here last week. Searching for, of all things, an AAC society she works for. ::waves:: hi, mom! <.g>

Last weekend was *NSYNC's Challenge for the Children. I didn't get to go, but Jennie did, and she stayed with Karey and Noora. I'm wildly jealous. <.g> But! She had a fabulous time AND she called me from the basketball game so I could hear the boys sing live for the first time in a year and a half, the second time in two and a half years. Thanks, Jennie! It totally made my day. They sounded so beautiful. I had this huge grin on my face.

I made a Sports Night soundtrack. Drop me a line if you want one. 14 songs from the show and 4 bonus tracks. 5 bonus tracks if I decide to add in what I've begun to think of as Natalie and Jeremy's theme. <.g>

Friday, we see Hilary Duff. Yay? I now own turquoise/royal blue/pink Diesel gym shoes to wear. LOL It should prove interesting.

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