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comment spam/Sims 2

Is there a way to block certain people who post comments? Two days ago I got 500 comment spams from one person, and tonight I've gotten several hundred from another. I blocked their e-mails in OE, so I at least don't get the notifications anymore, but I want them off my website. ::frowns::

School continues apace. It's going to start getting busier, though - Tuesday I'm stuck there for 14 hours. I am NOT happy about this.

I adore my new Sims 2 game. I am so addicted. So far, I only have two familes - the Blythes (Anne, Gilbert, twins Rilla and Jem) and the Weasleys (Ron, Hermione, Ron's daughter Ginny, and their son Will). Details on their stories below. <.g>

I'm impatiently waiting for nsync and Britney skins to pop up so I can get them back in my game! I wanna see how the chips fall this time. <.g> (Last time being Chris/Justin, Joey/Lance, Joey/Rina and Lance/Britney. Poor JC got the shaft!)

Anne and Gil were my first pair. I was unsure as to where to start playing, and the first female sim came up with two red braids. It had to be done. <.g> So Anne has family aspirations, while Gil has knowledge.

From day one, Anne's main, constant goal was to have kids. Gil's varied from day to day, but one day, having kids popped up for him, too, and I locked it. They had a small house, one bedroom, but it was perfect for me to moev them about in. <.g> Then they decided to try for a baby, and an adition was built. Things went swell during the pregnancy, Gil was happy in his job, they just kept doing their happy things. Then came the delivery - TWINS. A boy and a girl named Jem and Rilla. They bought another crib and managed pretty well. Babyhood is easy here.

Then came toddlerhood. Here's a nice bit of foreshadow - the night the twins became toddlers, Anne lost track of dinner and the kitchen burst into flames.

The twins were demons! Anne and Gil never had a moment to sleep, Gil had to quit his job, the nanny was ineffectual. She was holding a screaming Rilla, pissed off that she couldn't get Rilla into the high chair, when all the kid wanted was a bath. Rilla, thankfully, ended up learning how to talk, but neither learned to walk or be potty trained. Actually, neither one ever got dressed, either. LOL A few times, I was yelled at for forgetting to feed the kids. But, well, honestly, I don't think Anne and Gil managed to eat during those few days, either.

it was sheer madhouse! Jem kept crawling out of bounds, Rilla kept playing in the toilet, and Anne and Gil couldn't keep up. Nor could I. By this point, it was Anne's greatest fear was that she have another child. I was so thankful when the kids grew up into children.

Things went slightly better then. Although the night it happened, Gil lost track of dinner and the kitchen burned, while he sobbed. This made me nervous, but it worked outt. Rilla became an A student, but Jem kept losing his homework. Anne and Gil finally got to sleep. It was now both a want *and a fear that she would have another baby. They moved to a bigger house, which was a great deal of fun for me as I tried to figure out how to build and remodel.

WHat drove me nuts was the illnessess - Gil kept getting food poisoning from stupidly eating old food, and Anne and the kids kept coming down with the flu. There was always a mad dash to the bathroom to throw up. Every time I got them well, they got sick again. When they started exercising, it got better, but oh my gosh, getting them to exercise!! They were never in the mood. Thankfully, that phase passed.

Oh! And once, Gil got this bee in his bonnet to get Rilla into a private school. So he invited the headmaster over. But, as events unfolded, he and Anne decided to get it on. (First time since the twins were born.) They had quite a bit of fun then. But it took rather longer than either expected, and the headmaster was coming in half an hour. So Anne ran to cook, but never changed into clothes. So she's cooking in her pink undies while Gilbert throws out the steaming remnants of breakfast and lunch. The headmaster comes while Anne is still cooking, and Gil manages to tour the same room twice, thereby annoying the guy. Gil hurredly ushers him to dinner the moment Anne finishes, and they get 37 meal points. But, while he's eating, Anne decides to charm him. Gil is standing right there, and utterly *flips out.* He slaps Anne, falls out of love, and bursts into tears. Anne is desperately trying to woo him back, reassure him with hugs and kisses and flirts, and both utterly ignore the headmaster. I tried to get Rilla to play nice with him, but she completely refused to interact with him. Jem just played the piano the whole time.

Needless to say, Rilla did not get into private school.

Soon after, Jem and Rilla grew into teens. At this point, I stopped playing the Blythes so I could make some more teens for Jem and Rilla to meet.

I built Ron and Hermione as roomies, with Ginny as his teenage daughter. (Closest I could come to a sibling.) Three story house, second story being only R/H's bedrooms and a bathroom, so they didn't spend much time there, but Ginny's room was the entire third floor. She has a TV, phone, bar, computer, books, chaise, bathroom, etc. It's like her own apartment. Ron's aspiration was family, Hermione's knowledge, and Ginny's popularity.

Ron and Hermione didn't seem to get along much at first. They would talk, briefly, and that was about it. One would get pissy and walk away. Ginny got frustrated with both of them easily. But then, Ron and Ginny's biggest want was to become best friends with each other, so that passed.

Anne and Gil came over to welcome them to town. Anne and Ginny hit it off perfectly, while Gil and Ron were fast friends. Hermione read a book.

Ron got a job as a team mascot, while Hermione continued to learn everything she could. Ginny's an A+ student. She's smart, but she LOVES to have fun. Her favorite thing to do in the morning is dance while Hermione or Ron cooks breakfast. One day, Ron was cooking, and Hermione went up to Ginny's room. The dancing! The DANCING! They were hysterical as they danced togetehr. Hermione really knows how to bust a move. I was very impressed. So was Ginny. <.g> That cemented their friendship.

Then, Ginny met Rilla. I thought it was great, she needed a friend her own age so she could have a party. She really, really wants to have a party. They hung out a lot, talked, gossiped, danced. Then. Ginny flirts. Rilla flirts back. Ladies and gentlemen, Ginny Weasley has her first crush, and it's quite mutual. Rilla refuses to go steady or have a sleepover, but they love to hold hands and gaze at each other. It's sweet. And caught me completely unawares, as I had been planning on matching Ginny and *Jem. Go figure.

Paralleling this, we have Ron and Hermione. They've slowly been building the friendship and trust level, and one night in the hot tub, progressed to kissing and cuddling. From there, they made out, made out in bed, and woo-hooed. Next morning, Ron proposed, and she accepted joyfully. Theymarried on Ron's next day off, and Ginny had her first kiss that night as well. Everyone was seeing stars!

Soon after, Hermione got pregnant. And I soon learned that a pregnany Sims mood bars drop twice as fast. Hermione and Ginny were having a midnight snack together when Hermione keeled over dead - her hunger level had bottomed out. The Grim Reaper appeared as Ginny wailed and screamed and begged for Hermione to come back. The Grim Reaper pulled out his cell phone, made a call, and then agreed. He told her to pick the hand that had the blue ball, she did, and Hermione came back to life. Will was born the next day.

Sadly, Ginny grew up the following day, and as teens and adults aren't allowed to be in love, Rilla must grow up before anything more can happen with them.

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