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come on baby, light my fire

I have been on a total Sims renaissance lately.

Luke is now all ready for whenever he and Lorelai start dating. He's got a different best friend, is fairly up the job charts, and when I had them hug so he'd have a crush on her, they both fell in love.

The real fun, though, has been the Potter family. I'm not too concerned with canon in this family. James and Lily were happily raising toddler Harry, and I saw no reason to stop them. Then they wanted a new baby.

So, when Harry was still a toddler, Lily got pregnant again. Baby Jamie was born the day Harry turned into a child, actually. Jamie was a sweet, easy going boy. Harry loved to talk and play with him as Lily held him. They both looked like their parents, but in opposite ways...Harry looked like his dad with his mom's eyes, and Jamie looked like his mom with his dad's eyes. Jamie aged well, and Harry loved toddler!Jamie just as much.

Lily and James are very family oriented folks. All Lily wants to see in her future is three of her children graduating college. James wants to see six of his kids get married. Rina wept. But, well, they want a baby? We will work to get them a baby.

Lily lit the fireplace in their bedroom. Sometimes you need that atmosphere when you have your toddler banging on his xylophone outside your door. They both get into bed and smile at each other. Then they scream. Lily jumps out of bed, and James follows suit, running around to her side of the bed to protect her. In doing this, he locks them both in the narrow aisle surrounded by bed, wall and wall of fire. Finally, James manages to calm down long enough to extinguish the blaze. Lily runs to check on the boys, neither of whom noticed a thing. James moves to get back into bed, and starts screaming again. Before he was able to install a smoke detector or sprinkler, the fireplace has caught on fire again. Luckily Lily is now outside the room and able to call the fire department. They come rushing in, save the day, and Lily is so happy she tips them 100 simoleans.

After returning Jamie to his crib, Lily joins James in bed. Exhausted, yes. Dirty, to be sure. Determined to get pregnant, you bet your ass. This is all just a good story to pass on to the kid when they are married themselves.

Next morning, Lily wonders if she is pregnant. That afternoon, she stops making Jamie breakfast, dashes for the bathroom and throws up. Then goes right back to her activity.

That night, she throws up again.

The next morning, again. I tell Nydia, "Gee, I think that's a record. Hope it isn't twins."

Jamie ages into a kid, and Harry can't be bothered to care. He's a teen now, and much more concerned with his own birthday and the girl he brought home from private school.

Then comes the big day. Harry and another friend came home at 1. Lily was feeling tired, and decided to make a bathroom stop before heading to bed. But, oh! The pain! Harry is in the kitchen getting a snack. James is napping in the front room. Harry's friend is playing the bass right in front of her, but really doesn't care. Jamie bounds into the house with his report card and yet another friend. And baby Emily is born! Lily cuddles her, sticks her on the floor where Jamie almost tramples in his A+ cheer, and then baby Elizabeth is born.

Finally, James wakes up and runs over to meet his daughters while I think, "Fuck. There's no room for two more people in this house" and save and exit.

Off to build a new house, one with five bedrooms and 4 bathrooms (instead of two small bedrooms and one bathroom). It's really cute, y'all.

Discover that now James and Lily want 10 kids. Ha. Ha ha ha. Harry and his parents had huge problems keeping their paws off the twins while they slept. Which worked out for Elizabeth, since she cried whenever people put her down. Thanks, Liz. Real sweet. Jamie prefers to think the twins will go away soon.

The twins each have a room of their own. One is done in yellow and pink, the other in pink and blue. Emma is dressed in yellow to match her room, while Elizabeth is dressed in pink to match hers. Only way to keep them straight. They aged into toddlers and from the first moment, you knew they'd be trouble.

First off, Elizabeth refused to age. She blew out her candles first, and stayed a baby. James shrugged and went for Emma, who had no problems. She immediately went for the pile of water in the kitchen. Jamie, delighted, joined her. Lily got Elizabeth a new cake, and after two tries, Elizabeth grew up. Lily took one look at her kitchen and went upstairs to bed. Harry tried to clean it all up, but the kids kept making more of a mess. James finally managed to get them both upstairs, and Jamie went up to do his homework, and Harry was able to clean in peace.

I think I'm afraid to play the Potters again. LOL

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