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I got the job!!

I AM A LIBRARIAN!! I am! A real live librarian! Me! Your favorite neighborhood Rina. EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

So it was billed as a second interview, right? 'Cause library lady knew she wanted me hired, but director guy hadn't said. But! He started the conversation with, "So library lady wants you to start on Monday." !!! So we all chatted, and I get to be on a committe right away, and yay! I start Monday! I work Monday afternoon/eveing, Wednesday afternoon/evening, Friday morning and every other Saturday. I get to do the weekly pajama story time! With craft! And OMG I have ideas and I'm so excited and oh my gosh!

Library lady said that, you know, she wouldn't have been happy unless she hired me because I reminded her so much of herself and I was so enthusiastic and excited about it all and she knew she had to make it work. And then it turned out that the scheduler had already printed out a schedule for me, with me on the schedule, so they were all expecting this! And then she stopped, turned and said, "I almost forgot! Do you want the job?" I said, "Yes! Yes, yes, yes." And we laughed and she hugged me goodbye and I'm a librarian!

This is so wild. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! I got the job!

I'm gonna go dance around like a goof now.

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