November 12, 2004

winter wallpaper

I was all set to go to bed early last night, but got caught up making a wallpaper. It went through several versions, but this is my favorite. It's a screencap I took from Anne of Green Gables, colored, aged, etc etc.

1024x768 // 800x600

The quote is from Christina Rossetti's poem "In the Bleak Midwinter," or "A Christmas Carol." I've seen both titles attached.

October 02, 2004


I started playing with my various graphics programs and made a wallpaper. It was inspired by a gift bag Joshy has, and is 19th century letters and such.

1024x768 800x600

Kinda silly to do a spring wallpaper in October (on a night where there's a frost advistory, no less!), but, oh, well. LOL I think I like how it turned out. I may do a winter/Christmas one later. I could keep the blue, but use a pointsetia or christmas tree or something for the middle, snowflakes rather than butterflies, Christmassy letters. Hmmm. Yes, maybe I shall.

So, went to dinner with my parents on Friday and discussed grad school. I'm dropping the program on Monday. Jill is upset, mom is disappointed, but I think it's the best for me. I honestly do not want to be a speech therapist. I'm glad I did it for the last month and a half, but leaving now will be a good thing. I already called my boss to apply for a parttime aide's job, I'm going to try for another parttime library job maybe, gonna see how it goes. Scary but good. : )

October 15, 2003


Old bed set here.

New bed set here.

As you can see, I went with Prairie Stars. What I found funny is that Kristine linked the purple gingham sheets with daisies on them. Those were the first sheets I saw, fell completely in love with, but they actually didn't match the swirly comforter. So when I decided to get this quilt, I got those sheets. ::bounces:: It's loverly. I adore it so much. It just brightens up my entire room!! I also have blue gingham throw pillows. I'm so happy with my decisions.

More fun pics:
Every Halloween for as along as I can remember, we've hung this rubber skeleton. His name is Emo. He has a very Polish last name I can't spell. Phupenick. I can't even do it phonetically. LOL BUt he's a good friend. Dance, Emo, dance! That's what we say when we play with him, make him move. We're, uh, weird. But it's tradition.

Also, I found this gorgeous lamp at Target. It actually holds a tea candle, and glows beautifully. I love it.

I must go pray for my Cubbies now. 4 batters up, 3 runners score. Sadly, that's the Marlins batting right there.

July 20, 2003


I'm kinda, um, blonde now. <.g> I've used Herbal Essense hairdye for the last ten years, and loved it. And now they have the highlighting product too, and I had to try it. So mom put some "golden blonde" highlights in my hair. The top is a little streaky, but it's MUCH lighter overall, and I am absolutely 100% completely in love with it! Check it out:

The top of my head

The back of my head

The back and sides, too

For reference, this was it before we played: A wee bit darker. <.g>

So, what do you all think? <.g> Me, I'm hoping that blondes DO have more fun, what with all the Justin concerts this week. ; )

July 12, 2003

picture time!

I have been remiss in posting! Much has happened. I have a diploma. I finished my job for the summer. I have a job for the fall.

I'll be working in a second grade classroom as a 1:1 aide with a little girl, with a teacher I worked with this summer. She's so neat, and was so excited that I'll be in her room! When I told her I hadn't gotten into grad school, she grabbed my arm, grinned, and said, "GREAT! Now you can work with me!" And when I was talking to my boss about the job, she was dancing down the hallway around us. <.g> It's going to be a great year, I can tell!

I'll also be taking one grad level course in speech at St. Xavier's this fall. Just to keep my hand in and show the schools that I *can do this. So that should be good.

I need a new layout here! I'm no longer a senior after all. <.g> I also need to get rid of the red scrollbars now that I can see they're red. LOL Whoops!

Hey, OE XP users - how can I avoid having to type in each password when I sign online? I have about 8 addresses here, people. LOL It gets old, fast. I've tried clicking more than one "remember the password" box, but that just seems to lead to the address not being checked.

Now the fun part - I have some pictures to share!

First up: my graduation party.
View from our hotel room: here
The girls: from L-R, Erin, Jennie, Lissa, me
(note: Don't you love our different styles? LOL I was so excited that my closest friends all got along. We're all very different.)

Next up: Harry Potter party
Me and Rita Skeeter: Cute, huh?
Lockhart: Signing copies of his book, Remember Me.

My dad and I went to a formal dinner at the Drake.
Here we are: You can't see it, but myhair had sparkly hair spray

Last up, flowers.
The rosebush outside our garage: I love multicolor flowers
One in close up: Can you tell which blossom it is, from the above pic?

Enjoy! <.g>

May 13, 2003


I so need to get my digital blog up and running. <.g> Anyway, some pictures. I got my hair trimmed today so I look pretty in graduation pictures. Went to a new place, since I've never done it down here before. I love the length, hitting my shoulders, but the bangs? Um, getting used to them. For reference:

Me before the cut. Kindergarten bangs and all. <.g>

Bangs now: Eeep?

Pushed to the side, as she recommended: Better?

I look at them and right now, all I can think is, "But they're *uneven!" <.g> I'll get used to them, I'm sure. <.g>

And, for those curious, my ring. : ) It's the one not a class ring. LOL

April 05, 2003


I'm sure a smapping fool today. <.g>

So I decided to splurge ($21! It almost killed me to give the guy the money. I am SO cheap) and buy a pizza tonight. I ordered online, got green pepper and onion on all of it, with sausage on half. They delivered it, I opened it up, and thought, "Hmm. Are they cutting the green pepper in new ways?" Nope. This is what they gave me:


I hate green olives. Blech. So I have half onion and half onion and sausage. <.giggle>

April 03, 2003

New pics!

I think I need to make a photoblog. <.g> I want a good archive for my pretty things. LOL Here's my latest batch.

My white gardenia plant, Lucy Carolina.

The magnolia tree outside my living room window last night.

The magnolia tree today, bloomed.

Aren't they pretty? <.g>

March 16, 2003


I love the digital camera, I gotta say. Don't I look adorable? <.snicker> Okay, honestly, just trying to show off my shoes. I love these shoes - I got them for work, and I just wear them all the time. LOL

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March 07, 2003


Well, obviously, I opted to just change the colors. LOL The blue is far more becoming to me. Okay, sure, there's still a fair amount of red, but they're not bothering anyone. And if I could make my entries have a white background, that'd be swell. But for now? It's all good.

Over the years, many have heard me talk about the Monster Snowflake. Josh's 4th grade teacher sent home an art project, several winters ago, involving cutting paper to get snowflakes to hang up. Mom asked me to do it.

First one went great. Ha, I said. I can do fourth grade art projects! Second one, fine. Third, I was getting a little cocky. Missed a snip. It turned out to look like a monster out of the X-Files.

Thanks to my digital camera, now you too can enjoy in the monsterness of the snowflake! Click below, my friends.

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March 05, 2003

Digital Camera!!

I am so excited! I brought back my family's digital camera, and I uploaded some pictures. ::bounce::

First up? Me! Playing with the mirror and the camera. I remembered Krissy always participated in the picture yourself, or whatever, blog, and maybe now I can too!

I picked this up in the Dells over the weekend. It's a nightlight for my bathroom, and it matches my towels. LOL Once a Phile, always a Phile!

This is my old monitor. This is my new monitor. Isn't it pretty? It's a (n)SyncMaster. <.g>

To demonstrate why I needed a new monitor. This is what the colors looked like before. They're all washed out, and that's the brightest they ever got. Videos? Couldn't see a thing. This is my colors now. Much clearer. <.g> I realize using a black and white wallpaper wasn't the BEST way to show things, but take my word for it. Or ask Kate. I bitched a lot to her. <.g>

I think this is going to prove extremely addicting, guys. LOL Fair warning!