July 20, 2004


I feel all Krissy-ish today. LOL I'm wearing a purple blouse with little purple and white daisy-like flowers on it and a purple ribbon on it, and, well, it's very much something Krissy would like. <.g>

Reading SOD, and there's a piece on the 9 hottest newcomers. One, of course, is Scott Clifton (Dillon). He cracks me up.

Who were you most excitde to meet?
"I was hugely obsessed with Sonny. The first time I saw Maurice walk by, I was like, "Oh my gosh! It's Sonny!" I was very girly."

Heee! He was very girly. He's too cute.

Speaking of, I haven't seen GH at all this week. Wonder if anything interesting is happening. I know what *will be happening, though, later this month. Should be mildly intriguing.

Last week, with Lila, was pretty well done. I liked Michael's scenes with the Qs, and LOVED seeing Kevin and Lucy again. I just wish that there had been some flashbacks with Lucy and Lila. : ( Oh, well. I was so happy that they showed both Edwards in the flashbacks. I was of the opinion that they should ignore recasts and show whatever flashbacks were best. and there ware David and John and Amber. Whee! It was a lovely tribute.

I was all Christmas cheer-y last night. Even read a few Ron/Hermione Christmas fics (NOT Ron/Harry, as it came out when I was telling mom today. LOL!! I like slash, and I like Ron/Harry, but I was searching out het this time. <.g>). Also planned with Jennie for her to come up in January to see me and snow.

Went to Borders tonight. Yay Borders!! Bought a Best of CCR CD, and a book called "Silent Night: The Story of The World War I Christmas Truce." It was the closest I'd let myself come to CHristmas, even though I saw three winter/Christmas romance novels. LOL! This was, I felt, reasonably appropriate. I wonder if my Christmas cheer has anything to do with wishing to escape the 90 degree heat. <.g>

January 02, 2004


I have a weather pixie!! Ain't she the cutest? ::bounce::

I had a totally whacked out GH dream last night. I was, like, on the set, I guess as a guest. And they recast Lois, and she had a new husband now named Mark, and they had a little boy. So I started looking around for Brooklyn, only she didn't seem to have been cast. So I started asking the guy playing Mark why they hadn't cast Brooklyn, where she was, and then went to tell Ned that they all sucked. LOL

So, yeah, when I woke up, I decided that Brooklyn needs to be back on GH, as a 16 year old. Or so, give or take a year or two any direction. She needs to be all Lois-y, and witty and fun and I already inserted her into a number of storylines. Lois would have told her all about PC, they were her bedtime stories, and so she comes in knowing fun little tidbits about everyone, some they'd rather she not know. <.g>

This is what kept me sane all day, as I applied to grad schools. Again. All I need to do now is print one thing, address some envelopes, and mail them tomorrow. EEEEEP. And then I wait. Again.

May 05, 2003

today's ep

This was really not a bad episode. Surprising for a Monday, but hey, won't complain. LOL

The Sonny/Carly scene with the gun? Wow. Just wow. That was amazing. Tammy Braun knocked that scene out of the park and Maurice kept pace, but let it be her show. She's fantastic. Great scene.

And, heaven help me, Georgie and Dillon are *adorable! Now there's a romance I could get behind. Or even friendship for now, leading into more later. Lucas is so undeserving of her cuteness. The whole cousin angle still creeps me out, though, even though I know Lucas was adopted. LOL But it's a nifty little square, as long as it avoids the Nik/Sarah/Lucky/Liz predecessor. Hated that one.

I miss my Scott. : ( He was one of my first crushes (after Tom Selleck <.g>). I remember him and Lucy vividly. I remember him and Dom. Him and Eve. I really miss the real him. This version SUCKS.

May 02, 2003

GH thoughts

I'm not overly impressed with the teen storyline set up so far. Assuming Zander/Emily is included in the teens, only three can act: Georgie, Dillon, and Zander.

I don't know *what happened to Robyn Richard's acting ability, but I'm not feeling her. Here's hoping she gets a good storyline and has stuff to work with. Something like a newer Robin/Stone, maybe. See how well Mac learned his lesson last time around. <.g> This Kyle stuff is just boring so far.

I absolutely adore Dillon, though. He's a doll, and I loved Ned's defending him. I'd love to see some more stuff there. I wanted to smack Edward with the way he was acting when Tracy left him behind. I bet he and Maxie could commiserate over MIA moms and fall in love. <.g>

Can't wait to see what Carly does to Ric, but I'm not really feeling any of the storylines. Tammy's fabulous, of course, as is Maurice, but I'm not loving the story. We'll see what happens, I guess!