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Death to staples. Sorry, Kristine,

Death to staples. Sorry, Kristine, but my clippy staple remover thingie has replaced you as my best friend. Egads, TI uses way too many staples. Staples are the work of the devil, I swear.

Work was okay today. Went fast, I guess, even if I was there for 11 freaking hours. Heaven knows how many of those I get paid for. Tomorrow, I get to input computer stuff, though, which should make for a nice change of pace. No staples. <.g>

I'm SOOOOOO tired. Last night I had INAAC and didn't get back until 10. Didn't get to bed until 11:30. HUGE storm rumbled through and kept me awake until nearly 1. Josh wakes me up at 5 when he decides to play with his talking Rolie Polie Olie doll. (I was downstairs on the pullout bed because my room was an oven.) Then I was at work from 9-8, because of a meet the parents function for camp. There are some cute kidlets, plus I actually got to talk to the other staffers. They agreed with the suggestions I was able to make, which is good. Also, I no longer have to do snack; I am the closing gal. I get to find a good-bye song. : ) Janet was amazingly cooperative and nice about me missing June 27 to work at Ziipity Zoo Day and then half of June 29 to fly to Chesapeake. And she didn't blink an eye when I asked if I could start working at 9:10 instead of 9, so I could take the 8:59 train instead of the 8:12, and she has no problem with me leaving at 4:25 so I can make the 4:31. She even told me that if I ever needed/wanted, she could easily swing by and pick me up in the mornings, since she goes straight down Ogden to get there, and also that I was doing a really good job so far. So I'm feeling kinda good about this place, for now. <.g>

Oh - I totally have to share next time I have time. Josh's 5th grade class did a yearbook, as they are leaving Laidlaw and moving on to the big bad junior high school. They did these fill out answer sheets, and I so have to share some!!! Like, one girl wants to be either a doctor or a hair dresser. LOL What stunned me was their favorite movies and TV shows. Bring It On, She's All That, Cast Away, lots of Adam Sandler, Saturday Night Live, Friends. 10 year olds! For the love of God, what are their parents thinking? I know, I shouldn't talk. I was 9 and watching Twin Peaks. A lot of it went over my head, and it's possible that it goes right over these kids' too. But what's the fun of watching Friends or SNL if you don't get so much of it? And if they DO get it, well, God help us all. Besides, it's quite distressing to realize that I have the tastes of a ten year old. Many of them also put down HP books. <.g> There's the one boy who's my sweetie, though. If he could be on a desert island with anyone, he'd pick Gary Cooper. He's a classic movie trivia buff who loves HP. Why couldn't he be ten years older? I'd settle for 8 or 9, even. <.g>

Damn, this was going to be such a short entry on the evilness of staples. But now I have to say this one more thing. <.g> Josh, of course, hasn't been in school since September. (We pulled him out and started homeschooling on Sept. 25 because he was being abused by his aide, the damned bitch, may she rot in hell.) He's stayed in touch with several classmates, however, and nearly the entire fifth grade class (three classrooms) signed his yearbook with these incredible messages. Anyway, Josh wasn't in school when they filled out the survey things, so his friend Charlie volunteered to do it. This is one amazing kid. It's so fun watching them together, because Josh is tiny (part of RTS is short stature. He's on the very low end of typical.) and Charlie is taller than me (I'm 5'4). He's been taller than me for about a year or two now. <.g> Anyway, he's a total sweetheart who loves to come over and play with Josh. He'll watch Barney, he'll play basketball and trains with Josh, they'll just hang out on the couch and play Nintendo. It's just beautiful. Anyway. LOL So he filled it in for Josh, and I could not believe how well he knows Josh. Only change I would have made was his memory of Laidlaw - Charlie said their fifth grade teacher, and I would say Ruth and Lisa from kdg. But since Charlie didn't know Josh until third grade, this would be the second choice. So it made me totally smile and be happy to see what a cool friend my baby brother has. : )

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