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We're having a heat wave,

We're having a heat wave, a tropical, tropical heat wave.

Gotta love Marilyn Monroe! Anyway, we are. It's hideous. Temps in the high 90s. At least the air at work is back on - it was out yesterday afternoon. Yesterday, I spent the entire day inputting billing things, which is now part of my job, and today I did random stuff. I get my own access and log in name now! I have to finish up the summer camp t-shirt design tonight - I've been doing it every night this week, and she always wants something different!!! It's driving me batty, I swear. I'm just gonna throw together many options and tell her to pick one. <.g> Work really isn't that bad, though, I guess. I love having an office. : ) Everything in the clinic is yellow with periwinkle accents (that I'm desperately trying to match from home for the blasted t-shirts), and it's pretty soothing. I bring in CDs to play on Cindi's player, and everyone is happy. I'm even starting to like Cindi a little - she loves Return to Me, and told me I came up with a really good idea yesterday. So, yay! I just don't think I'll be doing this next summer.

Guess I'll go watch Charade on AMC and work in PSP. I have things to say, I just don't feel like saying them. I'm too tired to do much. My dailies should really be called weeklies, they way I go. Only one I read regularly is Kristine, because I'm so used to it. And it's up in my AOL bar. <.g> I really have to unpack this weekend - Josh's cast came off, and he might be able to move back into his room next weekend, which is when my grandfather then might be coming up. But 15 days until I go to Alice's!!!! That's what is getting me through this crap.

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