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Krissy already linked to it,

Krissy already linked to it, but I wanna, too. LOL The Trib posted the article about ZZD today! My mom is Pam, who was interviewed. Cool, huh?!

I take the train to work every morning and back every afternoon. The conductors don't always come by, so I've had some mornings where I didn't get my ticket punched. Lately, though, they've been catching me after I get off the train. LOL Today the guy kinda waved me over, and I went immedately. As he punched it, he was like, "I know we don't come around all the time and you can get away with it, but I appreciate you coming over like this." It was nice, but also kinda grumpy. But I don't try and get away with anything! If I see them, I get it punched. If I don't, I don't go out of my way to find them. Is that bad?

Tomorrow at work will be interesting. I'm leaving at 10:30 for my flight, Janet is leaving at 10 for hers. Janie is sick. Hilda has other clients at 8 and 9, and is trying to reschedule her 11. That would mean our HS volunteer would be the only one there with 7 kids!! It can't happen. Janie has to come, and Hilda has to reschedule. I feel bad, but there's no way in hell I'm mising my flight. They knew about this day off for me since before I got the job. <.g>

I'm all packed for Maryland. I don't know WHAT I packed, but it's heavy. LOL Well, I know what's in there, I just don't know why it's so heavy. LOL I have books, Rob Lowe on the cover of Archectural Digest (I'd marry that man for his house. Hot damn, it's amazing), headphones and tapes (Jax from 1996 that I brough to Germany <.giggle>, Krissy-tapes, WENN and music), notebooks and pens and Trevor in my carryon, plus clothes, bathing suit, dress, shoes, Hermione pillow and toiletries in my suitcase. You'd think that would be manageably light. LOL

I'm so excited, but also nervous. I get terrified when it comes to planes. I kinda wrote myself into an XF story on a plane next to Mulder, and the plane crashed. I need to rewrite that character and make her NOT ME. But even before I wrote that story I always freaked. I leave a letter for Erin under my bed everytime I get ready to go places. <.giggle> I'm just out of control if the plane crashes, you know? BUt it won't, of course. I'm going to have fun writing, reading, and listening to music (I bought a new book today - Girl with a Pearl Earring. I've been wanting to buy it for months, and now I did!), I'm going to have a blast at Alice's, and then I'll have fun coming back Monday morning. It's going to be a fabulous experience.

But I love you all, okay? LOL

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