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I'm baaaaaack! I can't believe

I'm baaaaaack! <.giggle> I can't believe how much fun I had this weekend. I've always read these books about groups of friends who just hung out, and talked and stuff, starting from the BSC on up, but I never had that. My friends were all scattered and mostly didn't know each other. I had that this weekend, and it was more awesome than I could have imagined. I'm gonna type up a recap tonight or tomorrow so I can always remember. : ) Plus, I took my camera to Walgreens for one hour development, so I'll share some of those. One in particular. <.giggle>

I had the full day off of work today, so mom and I watched GH, which sucked. But that's okay. <.g> I'm seriously still on this high from the weekend. It's amazing - I came back today and Josh is WALKING!!!!!!! Friday was his first day out of the wheelchair, and he was terriifed to put weight down on his leg. Now he's doing fabulously with his walker. I am so proud of him.

It's been oodles of days since I read my dailies, so here I go.

J, I hope it works out with Holly! You know I'd totally miss you if you were without internet, but it still sounds like a cool deal. I'm sorry the start of Friday sucked, and I love you too, babe! {{HUGS}}

Baby Sam is so adorable! I love the pictures, Carrie. : )

L-C says that it seems likely that HP movies 2&3 will be filmed back to back, to accomodate the kids growing. The soundstage was book for an entire year's worth of filming. Damn, that would be SO cool. I'm going crazy waiting for November! LOL

Amy, thanks for the review of Atlantis. I really want to see it, but so many people are down on it. You've restored my faith. <.g> Also, the bi blogger ring is such a cool idea. If you're not feeling super creative, maybe use one of Krissy's designs? Hers are so cute. LOL

Oops, gotta go get my pics! Be back later to finish. (Beware any bad links - my browser isn't letting me C&P, so I'm typing them all out. <.g>)

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