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My pictures came out awesomely!

My pictures came out awesomely! I can't wait to scan and show a few of them. I got a disposable camera that can flip to panaramic, and it's so cute because I accidentally took a panaramic shot of ChiChi the chihuahua! Big picture of such a tiny little dog. <.giggle> (I was trying to use up the last few shots.)

So, where did I leave off?

Bonnie rededsigned - I like it! : )

Oooh, Purity Brown over at Diaryland finally has a journal title, and an update! Love the name.I adore my stats, too. LOL So much fun to explore them and see who's visiting me!

Okay, I'm sorry, but there is no way James Marsters is 38 years old! LOL 28, yes, I'll go for that. <.g> I really had thought he was more like 32, though.(6/29 @ 12:55pm)

From Kate comes the Color Quiz. My results?
Existing Situation: Sensuous. Inclined to luxuriate in the things which give gratification to the senses, but rejects anything tasteless, vulgar, or coarse.
Stress Sources: Eager to make a good impression, but worried and doubtful about the likelihood of succeeding. Feels that she has a right to anything she might hope for, and becomes helpless and distressed when circumstances go against her. Finds the mere possibility of failure most upsetting and this can even lead to nervous prostration. Sees herself as a 'victim' who has been misled and abused, mistakes this dramatization for reality and tries to convince herself that her failure to achieve standing and recognition is the fault of others.
Restrained Characteristics: Believes that she is not receiving her share--that she is neither properly understood nor adequately appreciated. Feels that she is being compelled to conform, and close relationships leave her without any sense of emotional involvement.
Feels that things stand in her way, that circumstances are forcing her to compromise and forgo some pleasures for the time being.
Desired Objectives: Unwilling to participate and wishes to avoid all forms of stimulation. Has had to put up with too much of a tiring or exhausting nature and now desires protection and noninvolvement.
Actual Problems: (1) Disappointment at the non-fulfillment of her hopes and the fear that to formulate fresh goals will only lead to further setbacks have resulted in considerable anxiety. She tries to escape from this by withdrawing and protecting herself with an attitude of cautious reserve. Moody and depressed. (2) Depleted vitality has created an intolerance for any further stimulation, or demands on her resources. A feeling of powerlessness subjects her to agitation, irritation, and acute distress from which she tries to escape by refusing further direct participation. She confines herself to a cautious approach and a concealed determination to get her own way in the end.

Those don't sound very positive. LOL Parts are true, and parts are pretty off. Pretty interesting, though.

Fiona posted pictures! You are such a doll. I loved seeing them. : ) I hope your mouth feels better soon.

At first I was excited that Keith had finally updated (It's been a long while since I made it to the end of my blog list to check LOL), but then I read his post about Fiona's checkup. I'm really sorry. I know a little about what you're going through (my brother had open heart surgery when he was a newborn. We're still dealing with ramifications), and I'll be sending you all some happy thoughts are you get through this latest development.

I think that's it for tonight. I'm gonna quick make a lunch for tomorrow (BLECH to work) and then go to sleep. <.g> I decided to go in at 9 tomorrow since there's no camp. Sleep in a bit, watch some ER. My kind of morning.

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