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Will I ever feel not

Will I ever feel not sleepy again?! Egads. Anyway, I love my little kidlets. What darling little sweeties. <.g> There's nothing like a three year old's arms wound around your neck to make you feel special!

Again I had planned on sharing actual details about camp today, 'cause I like to be able to come back and look at what I write, but I'm too tired! So I'll just share my smile story from this morning.

I take the train to work every morning. It's a 4 minute ride, and although I have a 10 ride ticket, the conductor rarely comes by to click them off until after my stop. So basically I get a lot of free rides. <.g> This, naturally, terrifies me into thinking I'll be caught some day. LOL So I get off the train this morning at my stop, and as you can see from my blog, I was nervous and unhappy. I was walking towards/just passing a conductor on the sidewalk and he said, "Stop!" Not only did I stop, so did my heart. LOL I cocked my head to wrinkled my forehead at him, confused and anxious. He grinned and said, "Say hello!" I couldn't help it - I smiled right back and chirped at him, "Hi!" This made both of us laugh, and I went on down the sidewalk. I swear I didn't stop smiling until after I was starting to get things ready in the classroom. <.g> He made my morning a happy one, and I think that helped a lot today.

Camp went a lot better - the kids are much more up my alley, to be honest. I'm used to working with 3-6 year olds, after all. I really enjoyed it. The afternoon was totally hectic, though! My job is supposed to be organizing and purging old files, right? And Cindi, the business manager/computer person, is leaving her job and only works a few hours a day. Enter me. Janet knows me from Josh's team for a few years, and knew I'm also a computer gal. So everyone comes to be with questions, favors, things to make, things to edit, things to print, etc! And I don't mind, but those little things add up!! Plus Janet said they're doing this new organizational thing at the clinic, and everyone decided I'm the person to do it, basically. Again, I don't mind, but yeesh. There's this special project, everyone's little things, and I input all of the billing, on top of what my job was supposed to be! They sure keep me hopping. LOL As much as it exhausts me (I'm doing Zippity Zoo Day on top of everything else!), I kinda like being needed.

Time to watch GH so I can be ready for the Nurses Ball tomorrow. : ) I can't wait to buy my shirt! The design is awesome this year.

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