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Whooo! I found an awesome

Whooo! I found an awesome Buffy Sims Skin site!! Most of the ones I've found in the past suck, but I love these. Willow, Tara, and Anya look dead on, and Wes' face is actually pretty close. Cool cool.

Speaking of Buffy, I heard a lot of spoilers, but I think they're all false. I think Joss said to disregard anything we heard on the boards. Some seemed like possibilities (the plot of the all singing and dancing episode, for example), but I still don't buy them all.

I love tonights Will and Grace, when Will and Jack sing the Lady Marmalade song to their friends' baby. LOL It's really cute.

Ooooh, awesome Buffy pictures!!! B/S, W/T, very fun. I think I might buy.

I'm gonna look for Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter book spoilers and watch Will and Grace. <.giggle>

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