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I'm ba-ack! Of course, I

I'm ba-ack! Of course, I came home to AOL 6.0 corrupted AGAIN, after less than two weeks. <.sigh> Very distressing. But USSAAC was a huge success. Highlights: the current president asked my mom to be the next president elect. That means that she'd serve as VP for two years starting Jan. 1, and then be president for two years. Of a NATIONAL group!!!!! First non professional EVER. Isn't that amazing?!?!?!? As for me, I seem to have the chance to go to Columbia in NYC for grad school on full tuition if I agree to work in the NY public school system for two years after I graduate. How awesome is that??

I'm super tired and mad at AOL, but I see that Krissy finally moved back into her first HR home. Yay! : )

I'm going to curl up on bed, watch "The Truth About Cats and Dogs," and be very very mad at AOL.

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