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Wow, I slept for 12.5

Wow, I slept for 12.5 hours last night! Freaky. I'm kinda moving slow today now. <.g>

I love Mary Minter Miles still, but I can't wait to get a new design up. I need a sidebar. <.g> I just don't update as much when I don't have a sidebar. I'm considering using a Krissy-design for a few weeks until I can make my own. She has such cute stuff up these days! I probably won't make changes until I move back to school. In less than two weeks. <.whimper> I'm horrified. Where did my summer go?

I'm typing out a recap of my USSAAC experiences to post, but I have to talk about this first. <.g> A lot of people complimented me on my website, which I thought was cool. I, of course, figured they meant my Disabilities Advocacy pages. Well, they did. But then they were talking to mom and talked about my writing! They were so impressed that I "included a realistic portrayal of a secondary character who uses AAC" in one of my stories. I gave a strangled gasp. They're freaking reading my Buffy stories! More specifically, Coming Home. GAH! LOL I think I want to finish that story now. <.giggle>

While we were gone, I also wrote another paragraph in my WENN/XF crossover story For All Times. I've let it sit long enough after super bitch plagerised and tried to blame me for it. Hell with her, I loved that story and I am going to finish it. So there!

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