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Jax is on my screen,

Jax is on my screen, and he's a brunette. Uh, is there a male version of brunette, or does that go for both sexes? Eh, it suits him either way. <.eg> He looks so yucky. He used to be cute. His character used to be interesting. His fan club used to be fun. All these used to bes - why is he back again? I heard a rumor (NOT spoiler) that he'd be with Angel, which works for me. I already FF her.

Like Kristine, I'm so sad that Belle is gone. : ( Best of luck to you, dearie. I'll miss your posts, sporadic as they occasionally were.

Still reading Son of a Small Fry. LOL I'm on chapter 18 of 27. Jennie and I storied each other last night. I think Cookies and Quizzes is done now. Except for Scully. I can't decide whether to call her Dana or Scully! It's now jarring both ways. See, it's two years in the future, meaning 3 years after the only person to call her Scully disappeared forever. In 3 years, I imagine that she's already thinking of herself as Dana again, if she ever completely stopped. But I'm not quite past calling her Scully, yet. LOL Any thoughts on this? Please e-mail me or post if you do. If you were reading a fic set in the future, with no Mulder or Mulder mention whatsoever, would you think it bad to read about Dana instead of Scully? It's driving me nuts.

Awesome West Wing tonight, and I'm Josh's snuggle buddy. That means sleeping early! yay! I need that. I'm super sleepy, and the little kids sap my energy a lot. We have little little kids, like 3-4 y/o, and they spent most of Tuesday crying for mommy. : ( They are darling, though, and so I still look forward to them. Just have to be rested first. LOL

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