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I had such a great

I had such a great day with my daddy! We went to the mall, and then we went to Damon's, a sports bar, for lunch. FABULOUS food. Then we went to go see Rat Race - OMG, it was hysterical! We laughed all the way through. Loved it, loved it, loved it. We were both wondering how it could possibly end, and the end was *perfect. I can't wait to see that again. : ) Breckin Meyer is SO hot, and Seth Green is a total cutie, and it was so fun!

Then came the *really fun parts. LOL We hit Borders AND Barnes and Noble! Yay!! I bought The Philadelphia Story on DVD, a trashy romance novel to keep my mind on fluffy things, and the latest book in a Elizabeth 1 mystery series I read. Then I bought two Connie Willis books (one a bunch of her short stories, and the other written with another author) and Kilmeny of the Orchard by LM Montgomery, so now I own every Connie Willis book and every LMM! We also spent a few hours browing through a vintage clothing store, which was SO fun, and a rare/vintage/old bookstore right next door. Daddy and I really had a great day. : )

And now I must unpack all the things he brought for me! I know that the HP Vanity Faire is in there, but everything else is surprises. : )

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