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Hee hee, Miggie! Actually, I'm

Hee hee, Miggie! Actually, I'm a Braves and Cubs fan. But when it comes to this series, I go for the Yankees. And I'm not exactly gloating, just being very very happy. <.giggle>

I so don't want to go to class today! I wasn't going to Audiology anyway, 'cause I'm registering in the middle, so I definitely don't want to hit one class. <.giggle> This is what I have to do today:

Reguster (at 11:40)
Call the cable company because we never got billed in October, and I'd be very sad if my cable went away
Photocopy Meghan's notes and drop them off at her place
Finish stats homework
Call for the secretary job in the paper
Call financial aid place, maybe run over there

Sounds fairly manageable. Especially if I don't go to stats. ; )

Awwww, Gus just left. : ( He proposed to Felicity, who turned him down because her dream is to become a doctor. But then she decided that being a doctor wasn't as important to her as he was, but he knew she would never be happy if she didn't go to med school. But before he left, he gave her back her engagement ring, no strings attached, they kissed, and he said she hasn't seen the last of him yet. Which I knew, but I'm quite excited anyway. I do love them. I love watching Avonlea again, and I can't wait to see the last season to watch how it all ends up. And then start again from the beginning!

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