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I'm baa-aack! Complete with photos.

I'm baa-aack! <.g> Complete with photos. I finally finished the Lance roll. Sadly, the Lance ones barely came out. "See that grey blob? No, that's the wall. Over...over...yeah! That's Lance." LOL Oh, well. *I* know where he is!

Speaking of Lance......he got a SOLO!!!!!! I watched Friday's CBS concert, and was well rewarded. He had a SOLO!!! Like, his second ever. And it was on one of my long time favorite songs, Lean on Me. Oh, how I love his voice!! And they showed him a lot during the concert, which made me silly-happy. Most notably during Bye Bye Bye when he was the one the camera focused on for the crotch grab. I loved it!! Especially how he quickly looked over his shoulder with this look of, "Oh, my God, did I do that? Was I supposed to do that?" LOL Hey, the little things make me happy, okay? (All right, when I was reading through this to check for typos, I realized that I may want to clarify that I don't think Lance is in any way "little," okay? <.g>)

So, I also got pictures scanned and sized. So here we go. In alphabetical order. <.giggle>
Alice attacking me (Beach house, June)
Me, Aarti, and Kate before we left for Lance (Oct)
Josh doing Bye Bye Bye (Nov)
Josh doing his dance to Green Tambourine (Nov)
Josh sleeping (July)
Kate and Aarti dancing to Pop (Kate's the one wearing the nysnc watch) (Nov)
Liesl (July)
Po and Grammy, me and Grandma Calahan (Easter 1998)
me and Po (St. Paddy's Day 2001)
me and Gen (I'm the one wearing the nysnc watch) (Oct)

There ya go! Like 'em? : )

Okay, time to start putting stuff away. I'll be stepping over Kate's pile o' presents until Tuesday, but I can put away my Christmas videos and books, and put up my (I can't believe I bought this) nysnc poster. <.giggle>

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