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Oh, I forgot to mention

Oh, I forgot to mention the other fun stuff!! I got my Jennie-tape yesterday, and mom, as promised, watched the Buffy musical with me. It was hysterical! She was talking about how she didn't want to like this show, or anything, but then she would start laughing at parts, and by the end, she was singing along. It was the third time she had seen the last 20 minutes, but the first time for the first 50, so she was excited that the end finally made sense. <.g> She was completely horrified, and made sure to tell me so in no uncertain terms, but is also now a Buffy fan. Whoooo! LOL As for me, I LOVED the episode. Those 8 minutes make the episode actually make sense! LOL The dialogue really, really, really needed to be in there. I also finally heard the "curtain closes on a kiss" line which made me smile SO much! Wheeeee! <.g>

Okay, now off to audiogalaxy to find a copy of Lance's solo. <.giggle>

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