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Whooo! I got a very

Whooo! I got a very solid B on my Stats test. Now that I know that, coud I go back to bed? *eyes bed speculatively* Hmmm. <.g>

Okay, NONE of my shows are on today! TNN is airing an infomercial and Hallmark is showing Bewitched. GRRRRRRRRRR. How annoying indeed.

XF premiere was last night. It was...it wasn't the show that I loved. I very much like Reyes, however, and Doggett and Skinner remain adorable. But Chris Carter did NOT have to make Mulder leave. Especially not 48 hours after he and Scully kissed while holding their baby together. I also don't like that William isn't normal. William should be 100% normal, none of this making the mobile spin while screaming with eerie music playing. I hate that. I don't understand why Mulder couldn't have just stayed home to take care of the baby, and we just didn't see it. <.sigh> How hard is that? Get his stunt double to do a few scenes from the back, you know? Very disappointing. I stand by my decision to not tape, and I can't guarantee that I'll watch every episode. I truly wish that Gillian's contract was over, and she and Mulder could have left together. Then I could enjoy this season more.

Today, I really MUST study for audiology. I reviewed my four pages of notes yesterday before curling up for a two hour nap. Really felt icky - I even kinda dropped off during XF last night. Whoops. So, yes, study. And Kate and I should probably be doing something about having a place to live next year. <.g> So those are my goals.

Ooh, Picket Fences is on now. Wheee! Let's see if I can figure out what episode it is...ooh, there's the stupid therapist dude. Yech. Didn't like him.

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