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(being written at 9:45pm) Done,

(being written at 9:45pm) Done, done, done! Did I finish before West Wing? Hell, no! But it's done! LOL

Oddly enough, the internet is down, but I can still get outlook express mail. No one else, just me. Bizarreness!

Okay, so I didn't study at all for audiology. But then, I didn't expect to spend 5 hours sleeping this morning, either. If I had been able to work then, things probably would have gone a little more smoothly. Oh, well. It'll get done, just maybe not as completely as I would have liked. Really wish it wasn't cumulative, though. LOL I'm not really worried about lang dev...it's only over one chapter, and it's not really new information for me. So tomorrow I concentrate on Audiology. After I get through with EPS...I feel like I've put in so much effort this afternoon that I should be done now. Sadly, it doesn't work that way.

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