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Okay, I love the opening

Okay, I love the opening to Family. Willow under the covers, all cute and sleepy, and asks Tara to tell her a story. Tara tells her a silly little story, and Willow says she's very sleepy. Tara asks if she can leave the light on to work on spells, Willow says that's fine, she "doesn't need to be snuggled." Tara grins at her and says, "Vixen," before putting away her books, climbing into bed, and snuggling her. Really sweet and adorable, right? It's freaking CRUEL at 6:01 in the morning to a girl who has to be awake to take a final in 2 hours. AHHHH!

Like Willow I'm pretty damn sleepy. <.g> Unlike her, I can't go to bed, snuggled or not. Sucks. LOL I totally don't want to do EPS anymore. I hope my notes are enough to write whatever two essays she gives us! I have learned the usefullness of outlines and such (thanks to years of hearing Krissy rave), but I do also have this slight nagging problem that if I was able to get it so nice and concisely into a short space, why drag it out longer into a long essay? LOL But I'm thinking that once I get started babbling, things'll be fine. I mean, it's a final...we're writing these in limited amounts of time, and he has limited time to grade. It works out well for everyone. <.g>

Anya and Xander are so cute. LOL I love Anya and her money. Adorable. "With Willow, she has this whole new thing in her life, but she's still Willow. I can always figure her out. But Tara, all I know about her is that she likes Willow, but she already has one of those." <.g> Poor Tara, they don't know what to get for her birthday. LOL "You're in a magic shop, and you can't think what Tara would like?" Spike and Buffy...ye Gods, I always forget this scene. LOL With her legs wrapped around his face and his "Come and get me!" "Oh, I'm coming, all right. I'm coming right now."

Hey, how'd it get to be Thursday already?? Finals week is zipping by, and I'm not sure how much I like that. <.g> I need to take a shower before the awesome ending of Family, and so I can tape Fool For Love. See, I'm so much less cranky waking up early to Buffy. Of course, these were pretty much the two best Buffy episodes of last season, which just makes this 6am thing even more bearable. LOL

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