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I HATE studying. I am

I HATE studying. I am so ready to be done. But I'm kinda proud of myself...I'm really getting into this. I'm doing all the reading, reviewing notes, things are sticking, and I'm actually making connections. So this may actually go well. Of course, the way his tests are, it's probably doing no good. But that's not a postive way of thinking....I am studying, I am learning, and I know way more than I think I do. Probably would have helped to have been doing this all along, but oh, well. <.g> This is probably the most I've ever spent studying on one test in my life. I'm sure it's gonna work out well. Because damn it, I'm putting in EFFORT!! Plus, it'll be over in about 25 hours. That's a lovely thought. 'Cause my second test is stats, and I know I'll do well there.

See, I'm gonna get through this! Just wish it was over already. LOL

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