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My mother cracks me up.

My mother cracks me up. <.giggle> We were chatting after they got home, and she was like, "I don't think I can survive Josh's teen years. You were too easy. We didn't get buffed up for this. This is all your fault!" LOL I apologized and offered to give it a whack now. I mean, Kate and Aarti would help me, right? <.g> Anyway, Josh is very anti-mom right now. Probably since they spend all day together and she homeschools and stuff. So he was quite upset when she left him and dad in the car to help me carry in things, and then <.the horror> Came Back! LOL He was yelling all the way to the highway, poor child. <.g> Mom says that while I'm home, expect her and dad NOT to be. <.g> So I'll be hanging out with him a lot this break...won't he be excited?? I can teach him Pop, we can read Harry Potter, we can do yoga, and he'll be so sick of me, he'll welcome mom back into his life. <.giggle>

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