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Mom's still pretty upset. She

Mom's still pretty upset. She called Carol, and they talked for awhile. Carol has, of course, done a lot of research. Apparently the two on the right probably won't be a problem, but the one on the left is really close to the chest wall, which complicates things. <.sigh> She keeps calling all of her friends though, which is good, I guess. But she's so sad and upset and drunk, and it's hard. I have a hard enough time dealing with her drunkness without all this other stuff. I hate this not knowing. Carol said that if mom had told her earlier, she would have told mom to make sure they scheduled an ultrasound right after, just in case. So we didn't have to DO all this damn worrying. She probably won't be able to have that done until Wednesday now, and we're all going to be basket cases.

Happy, happy...need something happy to talk about. Got my hair cut today. Not very happy. I basically asked for Tea Leoni in The Family Man (which is similiar to Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail), and got Tea Leoni in The Naked Truth. Nothing more than a flippy bob with bangs and some layers. Kinda disappointing. I keep wavering about it. Sometimes I like it, other times I really don't. My face looks rounder, and when you're as roly poly as I am, that's not a good thing. And it's kinda juvenile. <.sigh> So. Yeah. Not happy. Trying again.

I installed Sims Hot Date tonight. That made me squeal and giggle. There are all sorts of new options that I tried out on SimShelley and SimJoey. There are now several different kinds of kisses. So, with Shelley selected, I chose "fiery kiss." She grabbed his shoulders and swung him down in a deep dip, kissing him. <.giggle> Then I tried a few more kisses with her selected. Deciding that she was doing all the work, I switched to Joey and went for hugs. There are now a few hugs. So I chose the "jump in arms" one. This is where I squealed...Joey took a running start and ended up being swung in Shelley's arms! I was cracking up. Then they went to the couch to watch TV, where I found there is now a cuddle option. So Shelley giggled, yawned, stretched and scooted close to Joey, slipping her arm around his shoulder. LOL! Then they sat all close together, heads leaning, stroking hands and watching TV. It was *adorable. I tried to hook up Shelley and Lance after this, and felt SO guilty. It was funny. <.g> So I decided to leave them alone as just friends and set Lance up with the single mom next door. He gave Shelley a polite kiss on the cheek goodbye, and I'll be damned if Shelley doesn't have a crush on him now. <.g> Oh, well, she's still fully in love with Joey. I like them now. LOL

So, that's my happy, I guess. Plus I saw a preview of nsync's new video, but that was mostly Justin, which is less fun. <.g> There was a brief shot of Lance, though, which will keep me going until New Year's Eve.

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