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Stress...stress...stress...I am so tense, I

Stress...stress...stress...I am so tense, I am ready to snap. I could explode at the next nice person to walk by, or I could burst into tears with the next nsync song. I am just sick. I'm terrified about my anatomy grade. I'm terrified about my audiology exam and grade. I shouldn't be. I got a C on the first exam, didn't check the second, got all my points on the assignment, did mostly well in the labs. I should be getting a C+ or a B in the class right now. But I feel like I know nothing. I know that I do know some things, but I don't think I know enough. Thank God this next nsync song isn't a ballad, because Here and Now was thisclose to making me cry. I'm going insane. I need someone to talk to and no one's online. Thank God the internet came back because I needed to blog this out. Not that I actually am, but the act of random typing is helping even though studying is what would really help and I'm so upset that I can't study. And now AIM doesn't seem to be working, is this even going to go through? God, I need this week over. Next semester will be better. This sem was science and hearing, and I knew I'd do badly. Next sem is English and speech, and I do good in those classes. Good thing, 'cause communication is what I'm aiming for here and science and audiology aren't quite it.

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