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UGH!!! LOL I am SO

UGH!!! LOL I am SO nsync-ed out, man. Seriously. I spent the morning sleeping after Kate's party (and going to bed at 4:30am, thank you very much), spent the afternoon reading nysnc stories, then watched about *7 hours* of nsync. GAH! LOL I never want to see those boys again. Or at least for a few hours. <.g> Kate was doing Miggie's tape, so I was in her room while she did it. LOL We started at 6, with the Atlantis concert. Then she left and I watched Buffy, which totally freaked me out. Then at 8, we started again, and I swear we *just finished. But I was a good girl during all of this - I wrote half of my EPS paper and studied a lot for Thursday's A&P quiz. Plus we checked out apartments this afternoon. So I did manage to get everything done on my list for today. Yay! Tomorrow I study more, finish the EPS, and come up with topics for g-w this week. Pretty manageable, I think.

But now I must sleep. I cannot believe I am up this late. ARGH!

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