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Oh, my goodness gracious. LOLOL

Oh, my goodness gracious. LOLOL Kate finally got her *nsync *n the mix DVD...we started watching it while we were decorating our little tree. Then she had to go pick up her cake, so I kept watching, mostly just the music videos. It was hysterical! Lance is SUCH a cute little spazz! There's this one bit where the camera is on in the limo, and that I'll Walk 500 Miles song comes on the radio. He, Chris and JC start singing along, very loudly and boisterously, dancing around and bopping their heads, and I haven't laughed so hard in ages. <.g> They were so cute and into it! Then I watched some music videos...You Drive Me Crazy is such an interesting video. <.g> JC writhing around, tied to a bed, Lance and Joey totally all over each other, and their eyes are so insane, it's amazing. I kept laughing throughout that one, too. (Noticing a theme? Wonder if it was supposed to be this funny. LOL I laughed more than anything while watching this.) After that, I watched the "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays" video. It was soooooo cute!!! They were flying around in Santa's sleigh, delivering presents to all these little kids. I loved seeing them with the kids...they were awesome. And then, jeez, I don't know WHAT JC and Lance were thinking, but there's this one part where JC is standing very, very close behind Lance, both of them laughing as they're bouncing up and down, and then JC bends Lance over a little, and, yeah. LOL I was laughing from surprise that time. <.g> Much fun, all around!

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