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Hee hee!! Found this quiz,

Hee hee!! Found this quiz, find your nsync soulmate. Scarily enough, I could sometimes figure out which answer went to which boy. Sadly, each time, I knew Lance's and it wasn't my answer. LOL Kate had just signed off, so I made my poor Jennie girl take it with me Her's was JC. LOL Still waiting for mine...I needed a tie breaker between Joey and JC. LOL Gosh, it better hurry up! I'm exhausted. I was Josh's snuggle buddy last night, since he tends to flop and hug and hook during sleep, and mom couldn't risk him hitting her chest...she was SO sore. Still is. The needle they used on the right side was, like, the size of a straw around, she said. Very painful. So I was with him, and that meant that every half hour or so I would wake up and remind him to turn on his side, 'cause that's how he needs to sleep. Which means I didn't get much sleep. LOL

Oh, and for those raising eyebrows at my lyrics in the sidebar...I am on a Boogie Shoes kick. LOL I love that song, and it always makes me happy and dancy! So I've been singing and dancing with KC for days. Pretty silly. <.g>

Oh, finally! My soulmate is Joey. Time for bed. <.g>

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