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Yay!!!! Blogger is back! People

Yay!!!! Blogger is back! People have been having a party in my comments section. *giggle*

I am having SUCH AOL problems. It's absolutely horrid. I think my 7.0 might have corrupted. My favorites went poof, I don't get images or text on my welcome screen, I can't access my e-mail. It's a total mess. At least I can sign on and IM still, though. Except, oddly, when I IM, I don't see my screen name. It's like :hi Kate instead of Rina:hi Kate. Kinda obnoxious. I mean, I know I know my IM name, but still! LOL

Tomorrow is the day of reckoning...we get mom's biopsy results back. We were kinda freaking out today, which translated into a lot of eating. Healthy? No. But when the tests come back negative, I'll start working out again with Kate in a few days. <.g> Please, God, let the tests come back negative. Sure, I'll have been gypped an entire winter break that was definitely NOT a break from stress. But I will gladly tease mom forever and ever about this horrid break as long as it was all for nothing. I want this stress and worry and unhappiness to be for absolutely no reason so we can laugh at how foolish and reactionary we were. 'Cause there's nothing wrong.

Happy stuff. OKay. oooh! Elton and Justin are gonna be on TRL tomorrow for the premiere of Elton's new video, which stars, of course, Justin. I'm super excited. I LOVE Elton John. I grew up listening to his music. I still regret that I didn't go to his concert freshman year...I know that I would have LOVED it. Hopefully I'll get another chance, either with this tour, or his next one. He's one of the top concerts I would die to see. I'd easily go see Elton over nsync, any day of the week. <.g> Which isn't to say that I hope to be put in that position. *g*

Um, what else? West Wing last night was phenomenal, although it was kinda like, "Um, that's IT?" LOL The whole MS thing is resolved now? I hope not. Also, I'm glad my JoshDonna list went all fic, or else my mailbox would be flooded with death threats to both Aaron and the fictional Amy. LOL I don't mind Josh/Amy, although I do prefer Josh/Joey or Josh/Donna. Oh, well....they're cute. <.g> I loved Charlie giving POTUS the map...how totally cool. Although I wonder how he got such a treasure at a flea market on his salary. I kept expecting someone to point out that it was fake, rather than the nonexistance of Israel. <.g> Oh, and ER tonight was fantastic...poor Carter. And geez, what a birthday for Abby. Ouch. Douglas made me cry. I loved loved loved Kerry so playful with Sandy...she wasn't even that cute with Ruffles. I can't wait to see what Sandy does next week. Should be good.

Hmmm, guess that's it. I hope to God that I can come on tomorrow and give you all the wonderful news that my mother is fine and healthy and is merely worried about how she's going to stay sane with me away at school. <.giggle>

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