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Kate and I watched Becoming

Kate and I watched Becoming NSYNC...I thought it was going to be the stupidest thing, but it was SO adorable. I loved those guys! They were so cute, and SO excited about being nsync. They cracked me up, and I had the hugest smile on my face watching them. Somehow, it was more fun because they were guys, who you wouldn't think would be admitting that they were such big fans and had little shrines and stuff. <.giggle>

Tonight's actually just been a total nysnc night. LOL First of all, mom called to let us know that Lance is gonna be on MadTV tonight, and the previews showed him with the guy who played him in the spoof she had seen over break, and they both had on the big fake Hollywood grins. LOL I can't wait!! The other fun thing is that I decided to ditch my old story for class on Tuesday and write a new one. I was just not enthusiastic about it at all. So Kate and I were just playing around with topic ideas, and she talked about rewriting a fairy tale. That spiraled into us laughing hysterically and naming some elves...Ecnal the albino elf, CJ the narcoleptic elf, Patrick the leprachaun elf, Tony the mobster elf, and Buck the southern elf. They're a little elf singing group deep in the forest called the Shortstacks. <.giggle> So what resulted is a fractured fairy tale of Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty all mixed up into one feminist, lovely maiden saves herself story. <.g> I've only written the prologue so far, but it's making me happy and giggly, and I'm excited! I'm thinking no one else will have such a bizarre little tale, so even if it's not exactly what he had in mind, it'll stick out. LOL

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