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computer fun

So, started with Chris and Justin. They were at 101 relationship points. Then they kissed too much and weren't happy. A little time apart and the relationship bounced back on it's own. JC came over, and while Chris read a cooking book, started hitting it off with Justin. He and J chatted for awhile, and then Justin flirted with him right next to Chris. Chris and JC were then at -100, and Chris queued up the option to slap JC after he finished reading. J started playing the piano, as JC cheered him on, and Chris decided to actually talk to JC. Turns out they have things in common, and are only at -75 now. I fully intend, however, to check out the "slap fight" option. I tried some teasing, blowing raspberries, but they actually mutually enjoyed that. Huh. <.g> Oh, and while Chris and Justin don't like for me to dictate affection, they will stand there for hours and kiss in different ways, which I found amusing.

Lance and Joey did less...Lance and me hit it off pretty well and are good friends now. Lance and Miggie are also getting friendlier. Joey loves to cook and play the piano. He and Lance love to be together.

All in all, fun to play. <.g> But I'm too tired to make this an equally fun report. LOL

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