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Sim fun

Kate asked for a post to read before her class tomorrow, so here goes. LOL

I finally set up Lance and Joey. I adore their house...bright and cheerful. <.g> I start the game, check out their interests. Neither has any interest in romance at all. "Oh, no," I groan. So much for JoLa. Or me and Lance, since I have the same problem.

Joey hops in the hot tub, which I love...he stretches his legs out over the side and everything. Lance follows. I can't have them talk in there, only play, cuddle, wash, and kiss. Since they never met before or talked, I figured no, I'd let them just hang out. Lance says one thing about travel. Joey approves. They nod their heads, switch places....and Lance goes down on Joey. LOL I shrieked and ran into Kate's room, laughing. LOL Guess they don't need romance. <.g>

Later, I came for a visit. Lance and I chatted for awhile, and found several common interests. I went away after a little bit of flirting, (I greatly enjoyed the pictured growl, despite the photographic evidence) but we're nearly family friends already. Then, Chris came over. Joey greeted him, and Chris's first thing was to tease him. Joey cried. Then they talked and ended up getting along somewhat. Then Jennie came over. She and Joey talked for awhile, but her real conversation partner was the robot...they talked enthusiastically for hours, and he did tricks and juggled for her. <.g> She and Chris also hit it off fairly well. Then Justin came over, while Jennie and Chris chatted and Joey napped. He and Lance became close fairly quickly before Lance excused himself. Joey kicked out the other guests, and he and Lance spent time slowly making their moves. The next day, they were in love. Awwwwwww. LOL

I checked on mine and Jennie's Sims to see how our relationship with the boys were doing, and we started slow dancing in my bedroom. <.g> I thought that was pretty cute. LOL If you haven't caught on by now, I'm the redhead with long hair, she's the dark haired one in purple. <.g>

Now to get JC and Miggie into the game. LOL


LOL! My, these boys really don't need romance. *g*

And Joey is too cute for words. And Chris is evil. They're so in character is scary. ;)

And when JC gets in the game, everybody will fall in love with him. It happens all the time. And I'll be mean with everyone who wants him. Mark my words. ;)

I love Joey's superman clothes!! And the way he sprawls in the hot tub. So very Joe.

Oh dear your sims certainly are entertaining. You've almost convinced me to get my own!!

I love how in character Joey and Chris seem to be. *g* They're so cute.
And Jay, only almost? *g* Keep reading for more updates, maybe we'll get you playing your own game soon. LOL It's really so much fun.

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