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Don't expect to see me for awhile. <.g> This is my schedule:

Work 7:45-10:30
Class 11-6:30, with some half hour breaks in between
Work 6:30-10

Class 8:30-2:30 with one break
work 2:30-6
Pray cable is upgraded so we can watch VMAs

possibly work 8-8

work 7a-9p

Die of exhaustion

work 7a-9p

and so on and so forth for the next two weeks, TTh being identical (except for a 6-8p class on Thursday) and MW identical. ::blinks:: Yeah. I so better love my paychecks. It'd be nice if FSaSu are broken into shifts, but I'm thinking that's less than likely. I can hope, though! You never know.

So. Bed now. I need to be up at 6. <.whimper>


Not to worry my luv,VMA's will be included on tape I'm sending you! In fact it'll go out fresh Friday morning.
Get some sleep!
Poor overowrked, Rina

Oh, man, do I love you!! You so rock entirely. {{HUGS}}

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