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This may get long. On the other hand, it may not, because I may fall asleep during the writing of it.

So. Got to work at 8. Worked until 10. Boss-lady is so mean. And she thinks anyone not her is stupid. And sometimes she makes me want to cry. Definitely makes me not want to work there ever again.

First class was at 10. I have a very good shot at getting into this. It's a film class, and it seems like a lot of work, but I think it would be my only class that did involve a lot of work. So. But tomorrow is the first movie - EEEK! too soon! But it's Psycho, which I've already seen. We'll see, man. I wouldn't hate the class, but I wouldn't love it.

Next was Severe and Hazardous Weather, at 11:30, which I'm already in. And I adore it. Like, so much. Oh, my gosh, I'm such a geek, but I called my mom immediately after and just squealed. I'm actually excited about doing the homework, man. It's all wonderful, 100%. I adore the teacher, and can't wait for the next class.

Next was Greek and Roman Mythology at 1. Again, loved it. He told us a myth today, to demonstrate what we'll do, and he put up slides with art work showing the story. And some were classic paintings, and others....well, it was the myth about Europa, and he was talking about how they were walking down the street and saw lots of cows and were impressed. but then they saw a bull, and just adored it. 'Cause they didn't get out much. <.g> And it was a special bull, and he showed us a picture of....Michael Jordan. <.g> And the bull could change forms, because it was Zeus, and it could end up in a Wizard's uniform. <.g> He cracked me up, man. It'll be an easy, fun class that I will love.

Next came Politics and the Media at 2:30. I might get in. I was #43 on the waiting list at the start of the hour, and #19 at the end. So. Long shot, but you never know. Oh, my God, I want to be in this class. A lot of work, yes, but so worth it. I would gladly, gladly do this work. For the first part of the class, we watched Clinton's Lewinsky broadcast that was five years ago today, and we analyzed why he chose that medium, and the camera angle and the colors and the location and it was SO COOL. Seriously. And then we talked about all sorts of things, and he said straight out if that we do go to war in the semester, the syllabus goes straight out the window, man, and we cover what's happening. I would love nothing more than that, seriously.

Hey, anyone know how you go about auditing a class? Seriously. No credit, just going to go. I would so do that.

So, yes, loved that class, and will keep going to it until I get in or there's no chance of it. Which means I also have to keep going to the film class, just in case. Which means more 10 hour days. EEEEK.

'Cause next was jazz dance. And for those playing along, yes, I went straight from 8-6:30 with only two half hour breaks. Wheeee. This class was scary, man. I'm not an overly touchy-feely person. I hug and cuddle my brother alot, and there are friends I don't mind hugging or cuddling with. Like, it took years, but Carol, my mini-me, is now allowed to drape herself over me and it doesn't faze me. Or this girl at work who has this thing about touching - I've never had my hair played with, arms or waist touched or ass smacked so much in my life. But that's what she does, and surprisingly enough, I don't mind. (Well, I minded the hair thing today. When I was, um, crawling on the ground nearly underneath her, looking for a customer's packet. I may have been asking for it, however.)

So, anyway, yeah. Those are my exceptions, as much as I may want to be, I am not touchy-feely. Today, the teacher announced that she found that non-major dancers had problems touching themselves and others. Yes, I can see that. I do. I, however, don't think of that as a bad thing. <.g> Neither does my friend Meg, who is also in that class. Thank God we were paired together, because the entire class today was contact dancing. First we had to touch ourselves all over. Then we were partnered up, and had to do this weird thing where we always had to be in contact. Then the instructor kept talking about the sexualness of the touching, and it was just weird. Then we had to walk, which I could do just fine, but then we had to walk and hold hands and link arms. And then we did these weird things where we rolled over each other, and man, she really overestimated the amount of things we'd do with complete strangers. If Meg hadn't been there, and I HAD been partnered with a total stranger? I don't know, man. LOL That's just too much for me, you know? Maybe I'm a freak, but it's worked so far. <.g>

Hmmm. This did get long. Sorry? I crawled home after 6, took a shower, watched Buffy and ate dinner, and now plan to go to sleep. At least I made it an hour later than last night. I taped the wedding special, but there's just no way I can stay awake! It'll have to wait until tomorrow.

I don't wanna goto work tomorrow. <.whimper> But I get to have my archaeology class tomorrow! ::thinks about bouncing:: ::can't move::

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